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Prestamo Bahia SA SOFOM ENR

Prestamo Bahia SA SOFOM ENR is a company dedicated to microfinance, which are financial services offered to a popular segment productive people, access to credit, insurance and other services that contribute to the development of their business and their families.
Microfinance are beginning to be proposed in the development and financial circles as an effective tool to promote development.


Aviso de Privacidad


Mixed Credits Opportunity

A credit is granted personally to men and women, in groups of 10 and 20 members to invest in their business, which does not have an established business (informal own business).

Entrepreneur credit.

Credit given to a group of 5 to 10 people made up of men and / or joint guarantee women who need short-term capital to invest in their businesses. This credit can be given without having to submit collateral (business establishment).